Your dive computer is an essential life support system, not a fashion statement. Machined from a solid block of Delrin with its 5mm Lexan window, gold-plated A316 stainless steel fittings, Swiss-made precision pressure sensor and field replaceable AA battery, the Extrême is your no-compromise solution designed, built and tested by and for divers.

Multifunctional dive computer

Core features

At the heart of the Extrême you’ll find our rock-solid predicitive implementation of proven Buhlmann ZHL16C with gradient factors

  • Eight gas air, nitrox and trimix
  • Recreational and technical open and closed circuit modes
  • Bright, easy to read 2.4″ full color TFT display
  • Fully configurable to suit your unique needs and style of diving: NDL, stop, ceiling, immediate and historical tissue loading, immediate and surface gradient factor, current, +5’, bail-out and lost deco times to surface
  • English, french, dutch and german versions with more languages to come
  • Fully tilt-compensated three-axis digital compass
  • Alerts on gas switch, pN2, pO2 and density, ceiling and ascent rate violations
  • Gradient factors, setpoints and all gases freely modifiable during the dive
  • Dive planning and analysis using the uniquely powerful integrated dive planner and logging software
  • Upload over 1000 hours of logged dives directly to all major dive logging software on Windows, Linux, Android and Ios through the integrated Bluetooth RF
  • Field-replaceable standard alcaline or rechargable AA battery
  • No lock-out safety violation detection and logging
  • Regular, easy-to-install firmware updates through the Windows, Android and Ios firmware manager

Pricing and availability

The Extrême 5 is available for €699.
Dealer, instructor and other special reductions may be available. Please contact us for more details.


Key features

All of the below features of our multifunctional dive computer are available straight after the purchase for a standard price, there is no need to unlock or buy any add-ons.

Standard AA battery

McLean Extreme 5 dive computer is powered by standard alkaline AA user replaceable battery and has built-in real-time clock support enough to run up to 48h of work without the battery inside the computer.

Replacing the battery is easy due to the use of commonly used and widely available AA standard battery.

Power source of multifunctional dive computer
PCB mainboard of multifunctional dive computer


The heart of the McLean Extrême is a six-layer PCB with an ARM M4 micro-controller and dedicated NVRAM, 64 Mbyte flash, ADC, digital compass, radio data transmission module and socket for TFT display connection.

Divelog Apps

The McLean Extrême is fully integrated into all major dive logging applications on Windows, MacOS, ios and android including:

Firmware update

The McLean Extrême is fully integrated into all major dive logging applications on Windows, MacOS, ios and android including:

Windows Firmware Manager


Android Firmware Manager


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